A Common Question Demystified: How Can Braces or Invisalign Help My Smile?

Dr. Hillary Krawatsky Recommends Orthodontics When…

We recommend orthodontics when it is the best way to create a healthy and beautiful smile.  Moving teeth into proper alignment through orthodontics not only sets up a foundation for a beautiful smile but also aligns your teeth for longterm health.

Proper orthodontics can correct tooth alignment and treat tooth grinding and jaw clenching.  Your teeth and jaw joints can work more effectively when your teeth come together in harmony to bite, grind, and chew. As a result, there will be minimal wear and tear on your teeth, jawbones and joints. This also means minimal impact on your dental fillings and crowns.  Tooth alignment also reduces stress on jaw muscles, tendons, tooth ligaments, and more. If you suffer from TMJ problems, tooth alignment is a healthy step to treat your pain and create a harmoniously working mouth for the rest of your life.

Sometimes, orthodontics is important when tooth crowding is contributing to tooth decay and gingivitis. Straight teeth will improve your ability to brush and floss all surfaces more easily and thoroughly, reducing harmful bacteria that cause decay and gum disease.

If you will benefit from alignment of your teeth, Dr. Krawatsky will refer you to a top orthodontist in Boynton Beach.  Dr. Krawatsky and the orthodontist will review your smile options, and they will discuss with you the orthodontic treatment that is appropriate for you.

Many times the creation of a lasting beautiful smile cannot be achieved without orthodontics. Today, there are many options, including Invisalign clear aligner technology, clear brackets and wires, and accelerated (faster) orthodontics.  Many adult patients and teens are starting braces and enjoying the lasting benefits of improved health, comfort, and confidence in their appearance.



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