What is Complete Health Dentistry?

Complete Health Dentistry Boynton Beach FL

When your smile is healthy, you just feel happy!  At Aberdeen Dentistry in Boynton Beach, Florida, we focus on complete healthy dentistry for the entire family and believe that your oral health is a gateway to your total well-being.

Often time we see or hear “complete health” associated with something, but what exactly does it mean or how is it associated?

When it comes to oral health, complete health dentistry takes dentistry a step further by focuses on caring for a patient’s overall health, no matter the age.  There is a connection between oral health and total body wellness.  As a complete health dentist, clues from a patient’s mouth can act as signals to other ailments they may be at risk for or already be developing.

As a complete health dentist, we strive to form a lasting relationship with our patients while forming a partnership between dental and medical professionals.  The overall, common goal is to improve the health and wellness of the individual.

For more information about Aberdeen Dentistry, call 561-364-7000 or visit www.myboyntondentist.com

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To see what patients personally say about Aberdeen Dentistry, visit https://goo.gl/NVPM75 for patient videos/testimonials.


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